A children’s song says, “Watch your eyes, watch your eyes what they see… watch your ears, watch your ears what they hear… what your hands, watch your hands what they do…” AND “watch your feet, watch your feet where they go…, ’cause there’s a Father up above, looking down with tender love…”

    Now Watching is an Heir Force Ministry. We believe that the senses we use to take information from the world are important gates to our spirit that need to be guarded. As such, we are careful of what we knowingly partake. Now Watching posts invite you to join our watch party.

    The enemy tries to influence what information we receive through our gates. Yes, there are times when you do not control what you hear or see – as with foul language spoken in public (not by you). However, many times, we do have a choice about what communicates to us – whether in what we watch as entertainment, what we feed our minds through reading, or what activities we lend our hands and bodies to doing. Because we are the temple of the Holy Spirit, HE hears what we hear and sees what we see and YES, HE does what we do. If we do what we should not, HE might be like a screaming voice that is muffled by our disobedience, crying “STOP!”

    Join us in a purposeful effort to let the Holy Spirit feel welcome in our world by keeping our communication positive and holy. We are led to do this to combat all of the negatives coming forth from the enemy. You can see what we are watching now on the front page and in the feed above. We also post, “Now Listening”…

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