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GSyndicates Media

GSyndicates Media does more than websites. We design apparel and accessories, create graphics, write creative copy, take interesting photos, and more!

GSyndicates Magazine

GSyndicates Magazine Spring 2021

Haute Midwest Magazine

HM MODEL Lauren On The Cover of Haute Midwest : February 2014

Haute Midwest MODELs

Attention Agents and Models: Haute Midwest MODEL Talent Management (HM MTMGMT) has a current open call for HM MODELs – men and women who work as models, social media influencers, fashion bloggers, and brand ambassadors for GSyndicates. These are paid opportunities. To work for us, you must be an HM MODEL. View the open call.

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GSyndicates™ Enterprises

GSyndicates Enterprises

“We have the look you’ve been looking for!”

Shenica R. Graham – Founder, GSyndicates

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GSyndicates Enterprises

GSyndicates Enterprises (GSyndicates LLC) is the parent of a fashion and design business conglomerate. Visit our network sites featured below.

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Our Divisions

The following businesses are divisions of GSyndicates.

  • Haute Midwest Enterprises
  • Haute Midwest Magazine

Our Partners

The following businesses are part of the GSyndicates business network.

  • Haute Midwest Enterprises
  • Haute Midwest Magazine

  • Haute Midwest MODELS
  • Haute Midwest MODEL Talent Management

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