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GSyndicates Enterprises

GSyndicates™ Enterprises

The GSyndicates Family of Products and Services

GSyndicates™ Enterprises is a faith-based fashion and media design business conglomerate.

GSyndicates™ Black

GSyndicates™ Black creates comfortable elegance for what is traditionally called the “Black Tie” affair. We provide custom apparel and tailored services that turn up the style in any arena.

GSyndicates™ Magazine

GSyndicates™ Magazine is your source for fashion news and reviews directly from GSyndicates™ brands and partners.

GSyndicates™ Fashions


GSyndicates™ Fashions let you live life in GStyle from day to night and dazzle to delicious! We have the look you’ve been looking for!

Haute Midwest

Haute Midwest MODELS Talent Management

GSyndicates™ Media

GSyndicates™ Media is your intelligent choice for content that engages. We provide quality services for businesses and individuals including copywriting, CSS design, graphic design, HMTL design, social media management, web development, WordPress theme customization, and WordPress theme development. « read more

GSyndicates™ YEP

GSyndicates YEP

GSyndicates™ YEP (Year Enterprise Program) is a one-year business development & entrepreneurship training program for minority and veteran small businesses.